Film Critic Review: A Dizzy Affair: Denouement

Redemption . Greed . Lie. There are three words that can define the "A Dizzy Affair" saga directed by J. Antonio. There are 3 parts: "Denouement", "In Medias Res" and "Act 1". A trilogy you will want to check out!
"Denouement" is the first part which shows the story of a boy ( OJ Lewis ) , who finds a large quantity of money on the edge of a sofa in a lounge of a building. Very indignant, By leaving the room with the massive amount of money ,he is followed by a group of three people with alleged bad intentions . These villains formulate a scheme to steal the money and get away with it . What is the money for? What they want? These are questions that our subconscious asks! A drama story that leads us to some suspense , which basically robs us of the thoughts we have to anticipate the story and makes us think about what comes next ... and surprises us .
The cast ( OJ Lewis , Natalie Santiago , Albert Pagan , Leon Vogol and Aleka Hart ) did a great performance , but I must emphasize Natalie Santiago . I must say she plays an exceptional villain because she has it all! Nice face expressions to be evil! It would be great to see her more often .
The effect used in the image helped create a more urban environment, which pulled much more for the action .
Great soundtrack! For a silent film, music occupies much of the action , and in this case , the songs used followed very well the whole movement of the film , with a light touch of "street" and drama .
You are going to be eager to watch the second part!

The release date you will not forget: May 27th 2014

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